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Welcome to Bay Area Babywearing, Inc., formerly the Babywearing International chapter for parents and caregivers in the San Francisco Bay Area and now an independent local support and education group.  We are transitioning to a new website and beg your patience in the meantime! References and links to Babywearing International are outdated, but our meetings and library program have not changed. 


"Babywearing" is the practice of holding a child in a fabric sling or carrier - using an item that you wear to keep your baby close and secure, while simultaneously keeping hands free for other important tasks.


Babywearing International of the Bay Area is one of many local babywearing support and advocacy groups across the country and around the world.  Our mission is to promote the practical art and skill of babywearing, which benefits babies and caregivers, through support and education for local babywearers. If you are interested in either receiving or giving help for parents and other caregivers who wish to choose and learn to use a ring sling, pouch, wrap, mei tai or other baby carrier, you are in the right place! 


Our group holds monthly meetings in several locations around the Bay Area, and maintains a Facebook page, a Facebook discussion group, and a newly updated website coming soon!


Come in and explore how we are bringing together Bay Area babywearers!



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